ANTHONY de Mello

I want to introduce  book “The Prayer of the FROG”. This is collection of very short stories -meditations .I know some people will critisize this, but I like to share things. 3WUTm1CYqWhLnKVvIZVNEWeNUU_0glXhI3C6S-UizuyeQwT-hVL2rk97RPGuftNUxaNBmgneAQT0Qler-E1bjiRmHuEl-hEeGw=s0-d-e1-ft

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I am average person.
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2 Responses to ANTHONY de Mello

  1. marialla says:

    Thank you for the introduction – I will definitely try tho find the book. Picture – very interesting! Is it from the book> Mari

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