Husband and I

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Hello.  I’m starting over.  Before I was a happy person – married and with husband of 53 years – but a half year ago, I suddenly found myself a widow and I feel a necessity to share some events of my life (I have a good family – good children, good grandchildren but they are busy).

Most of us (women) think her husband is

special and all of us are right. I’m the same as everybody – my husband was very special.

How I met him?

It was August 25 –  sunny, warm weather.  I was happy and light because after a few days I felt how will start a new period of my life as a student of university.  I was walking towards the main building when suddenly, some nice boy came from opposite way.  As he passed me,  at this moment I heard an  inner voice: “This boy will be back now and during your whole life he will be with you.”  When I heard this, I was surprised and didn’t accept this seriously.  I thought, “This is impossible.  Such a nice looking boy will hardly pay attention to me!!”  I forgot about this moment and continued along my way.  When I already got to the


scan0129building, I went to


open the door but somebody already had opened it for me and asked me, “What are you looking for?”  I answered, without paying attention,  “I’m just looking for first lecture schedules.”  He told, “I will show where it is.”  I turned my face and looked,  “Oh, this is the same boy!  He came back.”  We found the lecture schedule,  I saw where I had to be for September 1 and I was ready to go back home.  But he proposed,  “If you have time, maybe we could go for a walk through the park?”  I answered,  “OK.”  (I was so curious!)

                                                                                                                to be continued………..

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I am average person.
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8 Responses to Husband and I

  1. marialla says:

    Wow, what a beautiful couple!!.Thank you for the story – looks like a meeting made in heaven.

  2. allafalkova says:

    Thank you, Mari! I like your comments. alla

  3. Jen says:

    So sweet. Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Ann Ivy Male says:

    Beautiful pictures of a very striking couple – thank you for sharing your “first meet” story. Very lovely!

  5. floridaborne says:

    I was a widow at the age of 33 with 2 small children. To have 53 years with someone you love is amazing.

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