My beautiful picture My beautiful picture My beautiful pictureWho is Erofej?

Erofej is our cat who was taken from the Humane Society because three weeks before we lost dog.  After this loss I wasn’t able to take another dog – my heart couldn’t accept to take another dog.  I came to the Humane Society and asked the receptionist, “I want a beautiful cat.”  She brought me to a room and said that here you can find the most beautiful cat – whatever you want.  My heart was beating because it is so sad to see how many animals are sitting in the cage even though they are well cared for.  They have everything – soft food, water and hard food.  But it doesn’t matter, it is very sad to see them locked up.

Slowly I walked from cage to cage, but I couldn’t make a choice.  Suddenly, somebody caught my arm by claws.  I  looked through the cage and saw what looked like serpent’s eyes looking at me.  There, like a puma, stood a cat with strong eyes and strongly held onto kept me by by the skin of my arms with his claw.

I look at him and ask, “Do you want that I take you?”  His ears moved a little bit.  And in this time I think that if in his cage he has not touched his food or drunk his water, this is not his place and he would rather die then live without freedom.  I asked him to please give me freedom, too and I promised him to take him.

I went to the receptionist and said, “I want the cat named Darcy.”  She was so surprised  because I had come for a beautiful cat and he was just and ordinary tabby.  I told, “It doesn’t matter, I will take him.  He chose me.”  And she asked, “How do you  plan to care for him.  Keep him only home or let him walk outside.”  I said, “Of course, I will give him freedom!”  She said, “OK, this means that he will be back here again because he is a fugitive!”   I asked she how she knew that he would run away and that he is the dame cat?  She told me that he has a chip.  In the end she supplied  me by his documents, food and box to carry him home.

All the way home she whined and scratched his box!  I told him, “You have know that I took you very seriously and you will live in love and good care.  Also, I promise you freedom but you have to remember and don’t betray me!”

We came and opened this carrying box and “OK, you are free!”  Right away, my husband told me that it is not good to call him “Darcy” because our granddaughter had a boyfriend named Darcy and immediately he gave him the name “Erofej”.  It’s funny but it looks like he accepted this name immediately too.

Already, for ten years he has lived with us.  I can go any place and always behind, like a dog, following Erofej.

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2 Responses to EROFEJ

  1. marialla says:

    Quite the cat – that Erofej!!

  2. floridaborne says:

    A cat knows who to trust. I’m wondering if his other owner(s) didn’t respect him like you did.

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