During my life pets have always been important to me.  I was browsing through my pictures and decided to share some of the many pictures of my cats and dogs.  Maybe, for somebody it will bring back some happy memories, too.2013this and that 011 2013this and that 086 2013this and that 095 f669502ed0f24b78983d919c6137f1b6_big e6c213cecab54e438b5ea7dd45966069_big d34f85b17406433fbd8c7128f20d30f5_big cd05d7f99c194461bd04ef074e0a4d9e_big ae645350ace44cd8a2500df742933b6e_big 08083dab001948939ee0f87e45f7b42f_big 58337fd999064b50bdceb03e2b544aac_big 377088_280225502021599_1748140931_n IMAG0002 256x256_fit_one_bestfit (12) 256x256_fit_one_bestfit (34) 256x256_fit_one_bestfit (55) 960x640_bestfit (9)

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I am average person.
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4 Responses to PETS IN MY LIFE

  1. floridaborne says:

    I’ve had the cat back scratcher before. It can be fun–unless you move too quickly. Then you become a pin cushion.

  2. marialla says:

    Thank you for sharing the special beings in your life!

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