My mama was for me somebody who knew everything and who was able to help and give good advice. When I was just a few months old. her sister and sister’s husband were arrested. Their children (girl 1 and half year. boy 4 years) were to have been sent to a special orphan’s place. Mama found a way to take them and after a few years later (when finish the Second World war in  1945) we have chance to moved from Siberia to the European part of Russia. The mama officially adapted my cousins giving them mama;s  family’s last name. The reason she did this because she didn’t want anybody to be able to track their past as children of “vragov naroda” (This is a political term which was used at that time to refer to people who were arrested and killed or sent to a GULAG.)  Some rumours always surrounded new people in a small town but at that time nobody was able to guess who was mama’s biological child and who was adopted.  Now, when are  already old women, one time I asked my sister, “How do you feel about mama?”  Her answer was,  “Mama is mama!  I never felt that she was not my mama.  Even, I think that she loves me more than you!”I give thanks my mama that she was able to give the same love to my sister and brother that she gave to me, her daughter.Image

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3 Responses to MY DEAR MAMA

  1. marialla says:

    Thank you for the beautiful – and yes, sad story . Keep writing. I look forward to seeing more. Mari

  2. marialla says:

    I just love visiting your site and here again I want to say that your mama is beautiful but what a hard life was given to her!

  3. allafalkova says:

    thank you, Mariall! alla

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