Немного о детстве – FATHER

It was so long ago and very hard to describe. Parents, as lots of Russian people, who came back to  Russia only in 1934 had rights to live only in Siberia and in 1937 some were taken to jail with out going through any court.  My mama,  pregnant at the time, was also taken but by some miracle was released after a few days.  My father was not so lucky.

Not long time ago, on the internet, we found his name among the many who had been shot almost immediately after being arrested.  This picture is the only memory that I have of him – he is sitting  with a pipe on the right side – because on the night that he was arrested all family albums and pictures were taken.


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2 Responses to Немного о детстве – FATHER

  1. marialla says:

    Very handsome father!!

  2. allafalkova says:

    Yes hi was. and on picture our twins girls, husband with Svetlana, I hold Lenochka.

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